The Zebco Model US76

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I had mentioned earlier I may do a blog on my Model 76 reels and here is what I know about them. They went into production in 1972 with the first color combination being a grey rear body cover with a black front cover. These reels were for the most part targeted for the kids. They are super simply made and yet would fetch fish just as well as about any kids reels. I’ll bet some of the ice fishermen used this reel too, just like they did the Model 77. They were made cheap and sold at a low cost. Somewhere around 1977 or 78, they changed the color combination to a whitish light green front cover with a dark green rear body cover. Basically the same reel with a new look.

Below is a picture of the two reels I spoke of as well as an all black one. These three reels are the only ones that I know of that has the Model 76 printed on the top of the rear body cover. The all black reel is a harder one to find. If I remember right, they made these for Berkley as gift reels. I’ll have to brush up on that, I forget how that went. I need to get one of these with the paperwork so I can remember easier.


Here is a picture of the 3 different boxes I have



Here is one pulled apart……..



Can’t get much simpler than that.

Here is the schematic for the black and grey reel.



This is the schematic for the green one……..


Below are some reels that were made for other companies and such, using the Model 76 body mold

Here is one marked Dolphin on top……


This one is marked Apollo…….


This in my Apollo that I put together from parts and had a Snoopy FC on it and just put a Black one on it. The White TB and Red Handle was what I had and Tommy’s is probably right. His is Redder than it looks, but since mine looked good and Red, here it is. There are others out there. Jim

Here is a Dk. Green back w/Black Front Cover, Thumb Button, and Handle. Tommy thought he had one, but now thinks he doesn’t so he’ll want this one too. LOL Jim

Here is a Mustang that I got about 1995 from Aaron Clapp at the Robinson, IL. Flea Market, Tommy wants this one also. Jim

This one, Mercury……..


Here is a Spirit. I also bought this reel on the rod. I don’t think I have ever seen another one with the rod. the rod is marked Keystone and says Spirit of ‘76 on it and is candy cane striped. It isn’t the best of shape, but it is a good example. I have a feeling that they chose this combo because it is a Model 76 body and possibly was ordered for sale in celebration of the bi-centennial in 1976, but who knows……


Here is the rod…….



Here are my 2 Woodstock reels that Tommy wants to talk me out of one. I told him he could have the one that is the most dis-colored. LOL Jim

Jim, Below is the schematic for the Woodstock reel. Notice it is a Model 83

Here is a Blue Mickey Mouse that was used on the separate rod before the 77 combo. Jim

The next reel is a Snoopy reel. Also, below it is a picture out of the 1981 Catalog……



I find it interesting that they even made a schematic for the Snoopy reel. Also, it shows to be a Model 81. (below)


Below is an example of a boy’s combo in the package, that has a 76 style reel in it. The back of the package says 1996. That doesn’t sound old at all, but that was 21 years ago already!


And, here is the girl’s model……


Now, here are the three Hot Reel combo’s, that used the 76 body mold. Each rod was color coded to match the reel………


These were advertised in the 1993 catalog (below)

Here are the three in the package. You could buy the combo as well as just the reel. These packages are dated 1992 on the back.


I also discovered this a while ago. I was going through the catalogs that I have and found this fold out product sheet that advertises the Model 76 in it. The past information we had was that they made these reels from 1972 through 1982, which counts up to 11 years of production. Since I found this in a 1983 product sheet, I think they may have produced, or at least sold these reels through 1983 in a 12 year stretch. I don’t know this for sure, but was an interesting find.

Below is a picture of the brochure bent over so it will show the year as well as the reel down in the corner……


I am by no means an expert on these reels, but just wanted to show what I have collected so far and as always, looking for more I don’t have yet. Now, If I can just get Jim to turn loose of that Mustang………..and…………..Woodstock.


So… what do you think? Please leave me a comment.

The Rare Zebco Model 406


The Zebco model 406 is quite a tough reel to find, especially in good condition. It was commissioned by a company called Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company. Also known as OTASCO. The OTASCO company was started by 3 Jewish Lithuanian immigrant brothers, Sam, Maurice and Herman Sanditen. They opened the very first OTASCO store in the town of Okmulgee, Oklahoma, in 1918. In 1925, they moved their headquarters to Tulsa, Oklahoma which is about 35 miles north of Okmulgee.

The store sold everything from auto parts to knives, appliances, lawn equipment and yes, even fishing tackle. They were very much like the Western auto stores that was here in the Midwest and beyond. They became a community “go to” store in several towns across the lower Midwest.

In 1960, the brothers sold out to another Company and eventually OTASCO expanded across the country with up to 600 stores Nationwide.

Most of the stores have closed now and are long gone, but there is still a handful of them still operating (I think). One of which is in Marlow, Oklahoma.

The Marlow store was started by E.J. Crow and his wife Nancy in 1963. As far as I know their son Mike is still running their store.

Now, back to the 406. It is basically the same reel as the 404, but since it was commissioned by OTASCO, it could only be purchased in an OTASCO store under the 406 model number. The color was changed from the familiar 404 black, to a light gray and the box was blue and yellow, instead of the familiar red and yellow box of the common Zebco 404 reel.

I don’t think they sold this reel very long and again, they are scarce! I was fortunate to find the even rarer box for a 406 reel, in which I already had and at the top of the blog is a picture of the combo together.

Here is a picture of the side view of the box. Notice the reel is grey on the box.


Here is a picture of the price sticker on the box from OTASCO.


And, here is a picture (below) of the 406 box beside the 404 from the approx. same time frame. The price on the 404 is 7.95 and the price on the 406 is 8.95. I guess they figured loyal customers of OTASCO would be willing to pay a dollar more to support their favorite store! Also notice it says spinning reel on both boxes??


I think these reels were on the market in the late 1960’s and I don’t think they sold them long. I guess that is what makes this reel a toughy to find. I am so proud to own this combo! Oh, by the way, it has the paperwork in the box, as you can see under the reel……


I tried to shorten this blog as not to bore you………..Finally this reel has found it’s nest………Hope you enjoyed the info.

Note: This may or may not be 100% accurate, but is what I have derived from studies done on the internet and from other collectors. I just wanted to pass on what I have currently learned.


So… what do you think? Please leave me a comment.


  • Chad B.: Interesting Tommy, I’ve maybe only saw one or 2 of those in my lifetime, and they where beat beyond being beat! Had no idea that the 406 was made for an aftermarket jobber. To have what you have there is a rarity in itself. Good Eye! On a rare find. A zebby of this caliber would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack! Literally!
  • timmy: Thanks for the great history lesson. Never seen or heard of a 406 until now. I had heard of the otasco stores but didn’t know any of the history . You are very fortunate to have found not only the reel but a nice box and Paperwork …
  • Alpenflage: Congrats Tommy and thanks for sharing it with us. I have certainly heard of OTASCO but didn’t know they had trade reels made for them like some many other retailers back in those days.
    Not to many years ago the Western Auto in Carmi, IL closed. Elmo that owned and ran it decided to finally retire and nobody wanted to take it over. So many memories of that store. It had been there for many decades. Paul
  • Reelcrazee: Thanks fellas. Until I found the 406 box, I had no idea what they looked like. I think this is the first one I have ever seen. With good fortune, it had the paper with it. The OTASCO sticker was icing on the cake too!
    Paul, there was also a Western Auto in the west end of Brazil, In. several years ago and it was closed quite a while back. I remember going there a few times and I sure do miss those old stores. The building houses a Goodwill store now. I believe Western Auto also had fishing tackle among all of the other things they sold. Those were the days!……. Tommy
  • skip smith: Monett, MO had Western Auto and OTASCO both, back in the 50’s-60’s. As close as I am to Zebco HQ, I’m gonna be more alert as to which Zebco models I’m looking at.
    Excellent blog, Tommy!

A Langley Reel Brochure 16 Pg. Circa 1953 or 54

A Langley Reel Brochure 16 Pg. Circa  1953 or 54

Here is a Langley Reel Brochure that was on eBay a while back and didn’t sell. I had downloaded his 10 photos then and when I saw in on again Monday the 6th, I went ahead and bought it. So here are my 16 scans and his 10 photos, since his are larger and easier to read. There is no date on this brochure, but based on the fact that it list the 500 Reelcast as “New” for $5.00.  I’m guessing it at about 1953 or 54.

Page No. 1, The Front Cover.

Page No. 2, Langley Fishing Tackle, Best…By Field Test.

Page No. 3, Langley’s Anti-Inertia Spool.

Page No. 4, Bait Casting with Dick Miller.

Page No.5, The Langley Streamlite 310, $12.50.

Page No. 6, Handikinks For Fishermen.

Page No. 7, The Langley Plugcast 360, $10.50 and Deluxe Lakecast 370, #10.50.

Page No. 8, Useful Knots For Fishermen.

Page No. 9, The Langley Lakecast 350, $8.75, Castrite 380, $6.75, and The New Reelcast 500, $5.00. They later made the 505 Shorty, the 510 Speedy, the 520 Topcast, and the 530 Speedcast.

Page No. 10, Filming Your Fish.

Page No. 11, The Langley Lakecast 330, $15.00 and The Target 340, $12.50.

Page No. 12, Fly Casting with Dick Miller.

Page No. 13, The Langley Fly reels : The Current 165, $375 & 166, $4.75 and The Riffle 185, $5.75 & 186, $7.25. They also made an Eddy 175 & 176 and the 5 #s were 3 1/4″ dia. and the 6 #s were 3 13/16″ dia. I had all 6 of these, but my 166 and 176 were stolen. The Currents both had they spool held on with a screw, while all od the Eddy and Riffle reels had quick release spools. Then they made a 191A, 191B, 192A, & 192B. The As were the small dia. and the Bs were the larger. The 191s had the fixed spool and the 192s had a quick release spool.

Page No. 14, A Few Types of Flies.

Page No. 15, Is for your Record Fish.

Page No. 16, The Back Cover showing the Langley De Liars, 208 at $2.00 and 228 at $2.50.

Page No. 1

Page No. 8

Page No. 9

Page No. 11

Page No. 13

Page No. 14

Page No. 7

Page No. 5

Page No. 4

Page No. 16

Well they are larger and easier to read on my computer, but I guess not much difference on here. Now here are some other pages I’ve picked up over the years that will show the rest of their casting reels, including the Saltwater models.

Now these 2 pages were added to a Parts Manual for Langley Reels that had an index page the went to 14 and had exploded views and parts lists for all of the 300, 500, 410-25, and all of the spinning reel models. this is a B & W copy that I got somewhere years ago. The models 310, 330, & 340 were dated 1-55. The models 350, 360, 370, 380, & 410-25 were dated 12-53. Then the models 500, 505, 510, 520, & 530 were all dated 11-55.

Must be earlier the 1956, since the 500 Reelcast is listed for $5.80. Maybe about 1955.

Prices effective August 1, 1956 is on the bottom of this sheet. Notice that the 500 Reelcast is up to $6.95

These 2 color pages are from a Parts Manual for Langley Reels that is Yellow with Dk Blue on the cover and Black on Lt. Yellow sheets inside. It has the same 14 pages like my copy and I would say that the used the same sheets for years until something was changed. The reel ad pages were added for the current models and prices. I know I have somewhere and I think Paul does too, have  a 1962 brochure that shows the 444 Dyna-Matic for $46.50, I think, but seems like the Dyna-Flo reels were still about the same price.

The bottom right of this first page has a price effective date of August 1, 1959 on it as he showed a close-up of it. I will show the whole Manual on another blog.

Jim, posted 11:15 PM on 3/10/17

Langley Ads from eBay, 1947 to 1962

Here are some ads that I have downloaded the photos of from eBay. They will help you know what reels were introduced when and show the price change over the years.

The First Year, 1947.

The Second Year, 1948.

The Third Year, 1949.

Nothing yet.

The Forth Year, 1950.





The Fifth Year,1951.






The Sixth Year, 1952.



The Seventh Year, 1953.


The Eighth Year, 1954.


The Ninth Year, 1955.

Nothing yet.

The Tenth Year, 1956.




The Eleventh Year, 1957.





The Twelfth Year, 1958. 



The Thirteenth Year, 1959.





The Fourteenth Year, 1960. 

The Fifteenth Year, 1961.

Nothing yet.

The Sixteenth an Last Year, 1962.

This is Paul’s brochure, but I think I have the same one somewhere or another 1962 brochure. Here the 990 Target was $4.95, the 995 Lynx was $12.95, the 995 SW (Salt Water) was $14.95, the Model 777A was $14.95, and the 820H Spin Flo was $19.95. The Target was Black & Gray while the Lynx came in 3 colors : B had a Black housing, handle knob, & thumb button with Blue covers, G was Gray with Black covers, and R was Red with Black covers and also came in the salt water version. The 777A was two-tone Green with Silver spool and side plate. The 822H came in a new Gray-Gold finish.

The Spin Deluxe 830B was $27.50, the Spinlite Special 852B was $29.5, the Spinlite Deluxe 850D was $39.50, the Spinlite Presentation 850G (New) was $60.00, the Spindrift 860C was $39.50, and the Spinator 870B was $42.50.

The Streamlite 310 was now up to $16.95 and still Black, the Reelcast 500A was $9.95 and was Bronze colored, the Lurecast 330 was now $17.95 and was still Candy Apple Red, and the Whitecap was now $17.95 and still Chrome. The Banderilla bait was still $.95. The Fisherman’s De-Liar 208 was $2.00 and the 228 was $2.50. The Cast Flo 999A was still $16.95 and still Black.

The Dyna-Matic 444A was now $45.00 & $46.00, the Dyna Flo 470 was $18.95 & $19.95, and the Dyna Flo 490 was $19.95 & $20.95. The reels with a metal spool were $1.00higher than the plastic spool models. The